Mother Earth – A Silent Farewell

Mother Earth – A silent farewell


He sat pensively before the large ceramic vessel

Wherein the earth lay strewn,

Confident that as the sun imparts its light

And the rain feeds the soil,

It would yield the fertile growth,

Henceforth, of fragrant blooms.


This might be his last spring, and

Ere his body turns to spirit

And penetrates her elysian womb,

His last chance to honour

And intimately commune

With his beloved Mother Earth.


Solemnly his aged hands, fingers splayed,

Sank into the warm, moist earth,

Softly caressing with great tenderness.

Thumb and fingers gently crushing

The clumps into its constituent parts,

Lightly churning the swelling soil he cherished so much.


A ritual of unconditional love

He gave thanks from the depth of his heart

And as the energy passed from his hands

And kissed the earth, he soothingly pressed

Each plant into the welcoming bed

He’d so lovingly prepared.                                                                                 


Clutching his mother’s breast, nigh a century ago,

Nature’s divine perfume entered his consciousness.

It imbued his mind and touched his soul                                                                                     

And after a lifetime of gardening and cultivation,

He knew that this, his final act

Would yield the most heavenly blooms yet.


by Sibylla Chan


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