Liquid Gold


Early one morn
At the break of  dawn
I heard a bird sing a song
Sung in oriental tones
That roused me.
I got out of bed
stood barefoot instead
By the window in the cold
As the song caressed  my soul
And left me spellbound
Every dawn that week
The bird sang to me
Somewhere outside unseen
While I stood still,
Listening intently.
Exquisite flute-like clarity
Melodious mandarin tones
Its  phrases told a story
Which I recorded
On my phone
“I  come from the east
From a faraway land
And was sent to sing you this song.
Your destiny is bound to me,
You’ll  understand before long.”
“Love will be yours
Your time will come
Its  melody as pure
As the songs that I  have sung
A love of liquid gold.”
I was puzzled and excited
A Chinese song  bird
Was there such thing?
With a message of love
For me, this spring?
Then one day
Perched up high
I was perplexed to espy
A common blackbird,
Black as the night’s sky.
Its golden beak quavered
As it sang like a nightingale
With such clarity, such pitch,
And told me the magic tale
That touched me so.
Its promise of love
Sung in dulcet tones
Made my hair stand on end.
The blackbird far from common
Proved liquid gold itself.

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